Don’t cut me off!

30 Nov

This happens to me all the time and I have NO IDEA WHY. I can be in the middle of a highly entertaining story, just arriving at the pinnacle……………………… and then someone just cuts me off. They just jump right in with their comment as if I wasn’t there/speaking for the past 2 minutes.

It’s as if I don’t exist, like I am a passing breeze or the invisible woman. I really don’t understand why and it pisses me off. It can’t be because I am boring because, lets be real here, if you were bored by my stories you wouldn’t be reading this.

Maybe I am just a bad story teller in person? Maybe I take to long to get to the point? Who knows? The bottom line is, this is a phenomenon that occurs on a constant basis with my closest friends, family members, acquaintances and obviously (and I’m sure you all knew this was coming)…… first dates.

Do you know those guys who always have to be right even if its about the stupidest thing? Well, “The Talker” was THAT GUY. He picks me up from my house to see a movie and as I get into the car I comment about how my ears get so cold in this kind of weather it really makes me —–

Him (cutting me off mid sentence much to my shock) “Its not your ears, its your head that gets cold”
Me: “Right but I’m just saying that when my ears get cold I —
Him: ” Its your head… your head gets cold”
Me(getting frustrated) “Ok yes….. but I hate it when my ears—
Him: “you have to keep up with the science gurrrrl (I am not kidding he said gurrrl) it’s your head”
Me: Hahahaha

The day “The Talker” knows more about science than I do is the day I willingly go out with him again (figure somewhere around the 18th of Never).

Mind you that I am currently in a medically based graduate program and he probably has never even finished undergrad. But right, he DEFINITELY knows more about science than I do. And, despite being correct about your head getting cold, it makes PERFECT sense that your ears would get cold first because it is a more distal extremity. For those of you non medical folk, that means it’s the furthest away from your body because your ears stick out meaning the blood has to travel further to circulate and warm the area. So clearly I knew what I was talking about and this guy was an incompetent fool who kept interrupting me and refused to let me finish my thought.

I almost refused to go out with him because he often comes out with some real gems of conversation:

Him: Hey guuurl whats poppin’
Me: My lipgloss

He didn’t get the reference. Oh and also he is probably one of the whitest people I know.

A few days later:
Him: Hey gurrl whats da dilly
Me: ??     (I’m pretty sure that doesn’t even make sense in ebonix)
Him: We chillin tonight? Its thurs night bar hoppin
Me: Oh.. shoooooooooot I must’ve missed that memo

I can’t even begin to explain how much mental prepping I had to do before enduring an evening with this.

But, I did it all for the sake of my blog. You can thank me later.

Anyway this guy takes me to see a terrible movie about a train. I’m not kidding, there was no plot aside from -there’s a runaway train and it must be stopped before it blows up and everyone dies. You would think that during a movie at least I would be saved from having to communicate with “The Talker.”

Alas, aside from interrupting people, this guy also interrupts movies! YES! He is THAT GUY who talks in the middle of the movie and everyone turns around to shush him.

The best part was when he thought he was smooth and picked up the seat divider between us. I mentally started freaking out because if he so much as crossed over the boundary between my seat and his I would start screaming (and NOT in a good way). Thankfully, he just used this as an excuse to tap my leg or arm during the “scary” parts and ask me if I was scared.

Him: “well…can I hold your hand if I get scared?”
Me: “I’m sure your man enough to handle a movie about a train” (shut down) and then proceeded to cross my arms making my hand as unavailable as humanly possible.

Finally the movie ended, and after answering at least 2 calls via speakerphone (the contents of which will be described in a future blog post) he took me home. What a waste of brain cells..(I am not only referring to the movie here)

To sum:
Interrupting people is rude and hurtful and should only be employed when the person is not saying anything of value. Since this would never be the case with me, I ask that in the future when you hear me regaling an epic story hold your comments and questions till the end.

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