I got served!

4 May

I remember the days before I turned 21; the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach as I timidly held out my fake ID for the bouncer to inspect, the sense of relief as I finally got inside and realized that I had been holding my breathe the entire time. I definitely do not miss those days.

When I finally turned 21 everything changed. I would proudly flash my ID, daring the bouncer to question its validity. It was remarkable! Over the course of ONE day, my life became significantly less stressful and a lot more fun.

As you know, I have recently begun to dip my toes in the pool of youth. Despite the many benefits that come with cradle robbing, I have always said that the one downside of going younger, aside from being accused of pedophilia, is the risk of getting carded. It’s just like being 19 or 20 all over again! Suddenly I am thrust back a few years and that feeling of anxiety has resurfaced. It has gotten to a point where I would avoid going out to places where we might get carded. (My liver thanks you)

How embarrassing would that be! Imagine? As if its not enough to be a cougar, but to actually run the risk of getting rejected at the door because of my date’s bad fake ID. What if his calculated plan to grow in that adorably sparse facial hair a week in advance wasn’t convincing enough to hide his youthful glow?

I would be mortified!

Since I’d rather not have an anxiety attack every time we go out, dinner and/or a movie are my go-to alternatives. At dinner, I don’t have to worry about the waiter refusing to seat us. I can relax and enjoy the company without getting arrested or suffering from a severe amount of embarrassment…

Or so I thought…

Apparently, acknowledging our age difference is unavoidable. After a lovely dinner, the waiter handed us each a dessert menu. As I perused the different cakes, wines and sorbets, I looked up and noticed my date laughing hysterically.

Never one to miss out on a joke I looked up at him with a questioning eye.

Him: hahahahahahaha
Me: What?
Him: Do you notice anything different about my dessert menu?

I look down at his menu and notice a page missing…. What page you ask?

Coincidentally, that page happened to be the wine and cocktails list.

What’s the opposite of getting carded? Getting served (alcohol if that wasn’t obvious).

I immediately burst out laughing! Regardless of if it was an accident or not, the irony behind it was perfect. How did they know he was underage? And more importantly, why do I look old ?? 😦

To sum:
I still hold by my motto “Go young or go home” despite the inability to frequent high end bars. His time will come. But until then…

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