You have one new voice message

16 May

Before I even begin, allow me to provide some back story.

I was supposed to go out with this guy a month ago. He called me, I was out with friends so I told him I couldn’t talk, then I never heard from him. I figured he was arrogant and didn’t like that I decided to go out with my friends instead of endure an awkward 15 minute “first phone call” conversation. Anyway, a month later he emails me some lame excuse that he lost his phone and would like to get together when it’s convenient for HIM in two weeks. HA!

I know that I always tell people I need to be booked in advance but come on! I don’t know what I’m going to be up to 2 weeks from now! Thats insane.

Anyway, he calls me on Friday 10 minutes before I am about to shut my phone off for my weekend  away with friends and leaves a voicemail.

First of all, who leaves voicemails?

Second of all, in the voicemail he proceeds to have a mini conversation with himself.

Normally, a voicemail consists of “hey its blah blah call me back when you get a chance”. However, in this case, it lasted a good 45 seconds.

He asked me how I was doing, how school was, apologizing for calling so late, and then………wait for it……….. asks me on a date for the next day IN the voicemail


I don’t like that he assumed that I had nothing better to do. Even though I happened to be free, it bothered me that he thought I wouldn’t be doing anything then. I contemplated what my plans were for that day and came to realization that if I agreed to go out with him, not only would I have a ride back to my home city BUT I would also avoid having to take public transportation with all of my bags from the weekend.

The decision was simple- I would endure a few hours out with this guy, then me and my luggage would be chauffeured back home. So worth it!

I debated just texting him back saying “ye” but settled on “sunday works”. I get this reply:

Him: And I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better (mind you, I still have not met him or had a phone conversation with him but apparently I just made his weekend- SURE)
Me: Haha, I’m going to be in the city though is that ok?
Him: Where are you sleeping? Not that I’m inviting 😉 but are you going back home after?



Here’s the thing. Suggestive comments are cute and funny and flirtatious when you know the person. Otherwise it is just really creepy and weird.  I immediately regretted my decision to go out with him but then remembered that it was worth it just so I wouldn’t have to bring all of my bags back home on the train. Eye on the prize!

The things I do to avoid the train ….

To sum:

Guys, DO NOT ask a girl out via voicemail. If you are fortunate enough to get a girl’s number…call her within a normal amount if time after receiving it and don’t ask for a date 2 weeks in advance. Otherwise…this is what her thought process will be:

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