Juggling is not just for clowns

16 Jun

I am pondering how ethical the fact that I have been out on 3 dates since Monday is…

Honestly, I feel no qualms about it. As I have said before, I am never one to say no to a date- unless his freak like demeanor is unwaveringly apparent. However, I was pleased that none of these dates were what I would deem “traumatically blog worthy.”

According to my logic, the reasoning behind this is as follows. All of the guys who I have gone out with this week had one major thing in common. Aside from being attractive, smart and good conversationalists, they had all met me and then asked me out. This is opposed to the usual way that I have dated which consisted of being set up by random friends and their even more random co-workers, dogs and family members.

When you meet a person at a party/event/social gathering, it is much easier to accept a date with them and not have it be extremely awkward and forced. You’ve already met and, assuming you spoke about yourself and listened to him speak about himself, there is some kind of foundation to build on for the next time you see each other.

Even though it seems a bit obnoxious of me to triple book my week with three different guys, I don’t think I did anything wrong. Ethically speaking, I was not exclusive with any of them so technically I am in the clear. Now I know how guys must feel in those movies when the multiple women he is dating find out about each other and he ends up with a drink to the face. It isn’t something to be upset about if none of the parties claimed exclusivity. There is nothing wrong with exploring what’s out there! Plenty of fish in the sea and all of that…

I guess the only real issue with juggling is if it continues on for a long period of time. Eventually I guess you would have to decide which guy to keep… In most cases, at least one of them fades out and the situation resolves itself. Or, it becomes very obvious that you prefer one over the rest.

Although I enjoyed juggling this week, I found it slightly challenging to remember what I said to each of the guys. I probably should have jotted down the topics we discussed so I could keep track of what I said to whom and thereby avoid repeating stories.

Now I know for next time…

To sum:
Dating multiple people at a time takes a lot of effort. However, despite the fact that it flatters the ego, it is best to proceed with caution lest the guys find out about each other and you end up with a drink in your face.

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