Apparently I am not the only one…

4 Jul

I know that most of my blog posts revolve around the irritation I feel when faced with a date who doesn’t have a clue:

– Not a clue about who he is
– Or who he is dealing with (ME)
– Or what we are doing
– Or where we are going
– Or how to get there

I can go on… But I think you are just about as sick of the topic as I am.

Thankfully I have been fortunate enough to go out on a few AWESOME “dates” over the past week. I put the word dates in quotation marks because although they are one on one- the casual nature of the dates leads me to believe that perhaps this is just a friendly thing? Are we in the friend zone? I really cannot be sure and frankly right now I don’t care. It’s the summer, a time to just go with the flow.
I am having fun with this casual dating/friendship/whatever and it is due, in part, to the fact that I don’t have to plan!

Yes! He does exist! A man with a plan… actually multiple plans…multiple INTERESTING plans! Who would have ever imagined?

Plans including, but not limited to, cultural shows, exhibits and outdoor music venues… and guess what people- most of those things were free or under ten dollars. Just because you take a girl on a date, there is no need to break the bank!

Anyway I just needed to inform the general public that the non-plannage is probably the best way to sabotage any future potential with your date.

Here is some additional proof if you had any skepticism on the matter:

Source: The Six Words You Should Never Utter On A First Date

“Truthfully, we’re not much ones for dating maxims — there’s an exception to every dating rule. Except for this one.

There are six seemingly innocent words that, when strung together to form a sentence, result in a near death-knell for any first dates. Once you say this word, it can be hard to recover from the inevitable downward spiral that occurs as a result.

When you are on a date with someone.
When you have asked someone out.
When you are trying to impress them.
Never, never
ever, ever

“What do YOU Want To Do?”
Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Ah, but it’s not!

Here’s what’s fun: Dating.
Here’s what’s not fun: Planning things.
Here’s what’s the equivalent of hell: ENDLESSLY. Planning things.

So, if you want to be a good dater (and a good person!) you will eliminate as much of the “planning” work for your date as possible, or at least facilitate fast and easy decisions. Because round after round of “What do YOU want to do?” “I dunno, what do YOU want to do?” “I’m fine with whatever.” “So what should we do?” is soul-sucking and demoralizing and will end in one or both people fervently wishing they had just stayed home with Netflix Instant.

1. Don’t Go On A Date Without A Plan By the time you show up to a first date, both parties should have an idea of exactly what you’re going to do. This eliminates the awkwardness of standing outside, trying to figure out what to do, and lets you just go right in to the actual date. (And, by the way, “Let’s wander around aimlessly” is fine if you’ve planned to wander around aimlessly.”)

2. Have a Back-Up Say you DO have a plan, but it’s raining/the movie is sold out/the restaurant is too crowded. Have a contingency plan that you can quickly go to the second your first option falls through.
3. Instead Of “What do you want to do?”, Suggest 2 Options. Say you don’t have a back-up. Think of two generic options of what you can do, and suggest them. “Do you want to grab a drink nearby, or do you want to get some food?” At this point, your date can either choose one of your two options, or feel free to volunteer their own.

4. Just Make A Damn Decision People who don’t have opinions about anything are SO annoying. So, when making plans and presented with two options, do not do not do not say “I don’t care.” Sure, it’s possible you really DON’T care whether you eat Italian or Greek but for the love of God just CHOOSE ONE!”

So…To Sum:
Do yourself and everyone a favor…For the sake of all that is good in this world HAVE A PLAN! 

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