Rock me like a hurricane

28 Aug

In light of recent events regarding hurricane tropical storm Irene I have come to quite a few realizations. The first of which being that I have never watched the news as much as in the past day and a half.

Seriously, I rarely am updated on what goes on in the world and I am sure that if it weren’t for my mother and twitter, I would probably have been very confused walking through the eerily empty streets of NY to the bar for my friends birthday. Thankfully, a constant stream of facebook and twitter updates saved me from potentially being struck by a tree or getting swept up by a wind tunnel.

After watching endless hours of storm coverage, I have also learned how STUPID some people can be. Every surfer in the tri-state area was like ohhhh yeaa Irene bring on those narlyyy waves!!! Yea who cares if there’s 75 mph winds??? These waves are awesome!!!! … OK idiots… risk your life so you can say you surfed in the middle of a hurricane. Geniuses. And apparently 2 people decided it would be a great idea to take out their kayaks because oh “the water looked calm.” Yea… ok. Examine your life people.

Anyway my prime concern during this storm, aside from the tree outside breaking through my living room window, the tornado warning and running out of water and not being able to flush the toilet etc etc was … actually a tie between losing battery power for my cell phone and dying a virgin.

Yea… I prioritize well

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