Scissor UNhappy

31 Aug

Each time I get a haircut I am reminded of why I utterly, completely, unequivocally,insanely, VEHEMENTLY despise cutting my hair. As I sat in the chair holding my breath watching many inches of hair make their descent onto the tiled floor of the hair salon, I made an oath, nay, a VOW never to cut my hair ever again ever!!!!!

Replay this scenario about every 5-6 months until I notice split ends and a general blah-ness as my hair reaches Rapunzel-like lengths. It is then that I begin to think about planning to possibly get a haircut sometime in the near or very distant future. And the cycle continues…

Sure, even though I left the salon today with a lot of hair NOT on my head, I still looked bombshell hot. Obviously! I’m sure that even if I cut my hair into a bob it would still look awesome after a blow-out. The problem arises when I have to do my hair myself and since I’m in fact, NOT a hairdresser, it looks slightly less awesome. And I am reminded YET again why I HATE haircuts.

There is nothing fun about sitting in a chair helpless as some man hacks off chunks of my long locks. NOTE: ALL hairdressers are scissor happy!!!! You say cut 2 inches, they hear 4. Then, after being traumatized as you watch all of the hair that used to be on your head get swept away and dumped in the garbage. And if thats not enough psychological damage- you then need to pay an arm and a leg AND THEN tip them. As if this trauma is some kind of service I am being provided with!

As I mourn the loss of 3 pounds worth of hair, I am comforted by the notion that this hair will grow back. And when it does you can be sure I won’t be cutting again EVER!

To sum:

For now… Bombshell on the loose- men/men-children beware.

2 Responses to “Scissor UNhappy”

  1. Yedid Nefesh August 31, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    I wear my hair very short, although it used to be really long. I have never regretted it and if i ever get anxious, i smile because it will grow back only too soon. Wear it and it will look great!

    • umcheckplease September 1, 2011 at 3:59 am #

      Haha the funny part is that my hair is still pretty long. I think I just have a phobia about having my hair cut. Like a part of me is being cut off and it has some kind subconscious effect on me, except its pretty conscious because I FREAK out every time.

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