Idiots 2.0

5 Aug

It’s no secret that nowadays most of all communication takes place via text message. That being said, there are a few instances where texting is not only NOT warranted, its downright inappropriate and annoying.

Por ejemple. If a friend is setting you up with a guy and instead of calling you like a normal person, he starts a texting conversation.


I take no issue with texting. As I said before, I text all the time and probably will incur a repetative stress injury in the near future. However…HOWEVER. What I do NOT enjoy, is texting a total stranger. I don’t know you, therefore when I get a text that says “Hi how are you?” I am forced to hold back my quick witty tongue and refrain from answering with a death threat.

You don’t know me so why would you care about how I am doing? I certainly don’t care how you are doing person I’ve never met. Just call and make everybody’s life easier.

Anyway, so obviously I answered because dates are few and far between lately and also because I wrongly assumed that he was probably texting me because he was at work and planned on calling me later to prevent him from “dozing off at the wheel”- apparently I had been recruited for this prestigious task.


It’s been 4 days and despite my chopped 2 word answers I have yet to receive a phone call. Instead he attempts to have a first date via text message and asks me about my ethnicity, job and siblings. AND THEN… the creme de la creme… he tells me to facebook friend him.

After the shock of that request wore off. I did NOT send him a request, but instead decided to check him out on facebook regardless. Come on…we all do it.

What did I discover might you ask?

No, he is not a serial killer or incredibly hideous. Instead I noticed the familiar face of the guy next to him in his profile picture. After putting 2 and 2 together I observed the similarities between the two gents. That being their last name, coloring and features to discover they are brothers. Who is the brother? Oh just a guy who I met in Jamaica circa 3 years ago who also had a weirdo obsessh with texting…the inappropriate and non reciprocated kind.

I can’t make this stuff up if I tried.


One Response to “Idiots 2.0”

  1. Mark August 5, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    Maybe the inappropriate texting thing is genetic … LOL!

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